Nail Overlays & Extensions

At Amelias Closet we have 4 systems available to extend and assist in growing the nail.

All systems are available as a coating on the natural nail or as an extension.

Nail Wraps/Overlays help give additional strength that a gel polish or nail enamel cannot.



SNS is a nail dipping system which is made from organic chemicals.
It comes comes in a clear, natural and a range of colours.
It can be used for nail extensions and over the natural nail to enhance and strengthen.
SNS contains vitamins within its powder to promote healthy nail growth.

An excellent, less aggressive alternative to acrylic.

SNS/Dip Powder Wraps with/without Gel £30.00

SNS/Dip Powder Extensions with/without £35.00

SNS 2-3 Week Maintenance £30.00



Acrylics are one of the oldest forms of nail extension in the nail industry.
This system is a mixture of liquid monomer and a powder polymer, which when combined forms a hard protective layer that is applied and sculptured over the natural nail or tip.

Acrylic Extensions/Wraps with/without Gel £30.00

Acrylic 2/3 Week Maintenance £27.00/£30.00



This process involves cutting small pieces of fibre and placing them on the nail or tip, sealing them into position using a resin.

This system is very popular; however, it may be better suited for clients who may be sensitive to the chemicals used in the Acrylic process.

Fibreglass/Silk Extensions/Wraps with/without Gel £40.00

Fibreglass/Silk 2/3 Week Maintenance £27.00/£30.00


UV Hard Gel

UV Hard Gel is a mixture that is applied either on top of a nail extension or directly onto the natural nail bed to strengthen nail. The UV Gel is applied in fine layers and is cured with a UV light. The finished result is glossy, hard wearing but still flexible.

UV Hard Gel Extensions/Wraps with/without Gel £40.00

UV Hard Gel 2/3 Week Maintenance £27.00/£30.00